Malaysia Flora

Malaysia is well known to have the world’s oldest tropical rainforests and beautiful islands and beach paradise. Nevertheless, most of us have neglected the fact that beautiful flowers are found almost everywhere in Malaysia. With the warm and wet weather all year round, most flowers are able to grow gracefully throughout the year in the country.   

The largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia, can be found in Peninsular Malaysia. It can grows up to as wide as about 20 inches. This parasitic plant grows on the lower slopes of the mountains. Other than being recognized as one of the largest flowers, there is nothing else to beautify about this plant in term of appearance and fragrance. This plant is known as the corpse flowers because of its smell, like rotten flesh, not a very pleasant smell. In addition, the Rafflesia has no leaves, stems, roots and specific flowering season.   

The hibiscus or known as Bunga Raya is chosen as Malaysia’s national flower and thus, the flowers are grown throughout the country with flowers blooming all year round. To be precise, it is the red hibiscus that is being chosen as the national flower. It is very special of this flower that its flower will only last for less than three days but new buds of flowers will continue to open the next day. Besides being a beautiful flower and the national flower of Malaysia, hibiscus flowers are commonly used in cosmetics, medication and for beauty purpose.

The bougainvillea has made Malaysia as its home as many households in the country are growing the plant. The locals have named it as Bunga Kertas, which means paper flowers. There are more than 200 species of the flowers, which bloom throughout the year. The flowers are actually very tiny and white, surrounded by three to six bracts that make the flowers look more attractive. Various colours of bracts can be found like magenta, pink, purple, red, yellow, orange and white.

Ixora is popular as it is usually being grown as garden shrubs in the country and it blooms all year round. The flowers look like needles and thus, the local named it as Jejarum, which means needle flower. The flowers also come in variety of colours with red being the most common one.

Orchids are no strangers to anyone and being recognized anywhere in Malaysia. Besides, the country is known to be the home to the largest orchid. There are a few types of orchids categorized as climbing, epiphytic and terrestrial orchids. Orchids can flower twice a year, few months at a time. Many households have shade house or sheltered verandah created in order to grow orchids. Orchids can be kept indoor for some time and then place them outside in sheltered spot to avoid excessive heat.  

Chrysanthemum is also quite common in Malaysia, with many claimed that the flowers are originated from China. The stems of the flowers are fragile and the leaves have good fragrance. These flowers are widely found in the country and Cameron Highlands is known to be suitable to grow the flowers. Besides being a beautiful flower, Chrysanthemum is used in many other areas such as in culinary and insecticidal.    

Other than the mentioned flowers, there are so many other flowers in Malaysia. Experts foresee that the flower industry in Malaysia will bloom just like the flower itself.