Maxis Broadband

Due to the fast environment that we find ourselves in these days, staying connected with the rest of the world has become a basic need for Malaysians. Thankfully, Maxis Broadband is offering broadband packages that more than sufficient to serve this basic need.

Maxis broadband is one of the services offered by Maxis, one of the giant communication companies in Malaysia with revenue of RM8.2 billion as reported in 2014 and founded by the Malaysian tycoon, Ananda Krishnan. According to Maxis’s official website, they promise that their broadband packages will provide users with amazing internet speeds with 24/7 stable connectivity and low ping times, unlimited data usage, dedicated home internet support that is personalized and does speedy installations and free voice calls. With the recent reduction on the price on their broadband packages to be slightly more affordable, Maxis broadband has become even more competitive and appealing in the fierce marketplace that price war is prevalent.


Maxis Broadband Packages

Maxis offers 4 different types of broadband packages and they are known as 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 30Mbps and 100Mbps. The list below will describe in detail what each broadband package offers:



  • Download Speed: 10Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 10Mbps
  • Quota: Unlimited
  • Recommended Usage: Web browsing, email and social media activities
  • Price for non-MaxisONE plan users: RM148 per month
  • Price for MaxisONE plan users: RM128 per month



  • Download Speed: 20Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 20Mbps
  • Quota: Unlimited
  • Recommended Usage: Listening to music on Spotify and making video conferences on Skype
  • Price for non-MaxisONE plan users: RM198 per month
  • Price for MaxisONE plan users: RM170 per month



  • Download Speed: 30Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 30Mbps
  • Quota: Unlimited
  • Recommended Usage: Watching videos online on YouTube, file transfer and online gaming
  • Price for non-MaxisONE plan users: RM248 per month
  • Price for MaxisONE plan users: RM220 per month



  • Download Speed: 100Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 100Mbps
  • Quota: Unlimited
  • Recommended Usage: Watching videos online on YouTube, file transfer and online gaming
  • Price for non-MaxisONE plan users: RM398 per month
  • Price for MaxisONE plan users: RM330 per month


All of the above broadband packages will come with RM30 of free calls which is inclusive from Maxis to Maxis, Maxis to other networks and International Direct Dial, a free WiFi + Modem device, free PC protection as a value added service, a welcome kit, free installation and free activation. It also important to note that the special discounted price for MaxisONE plan users is only exclusive to MaxisONE plan 98,128,158 and 188 users. Packages from 20Mbps to 100MBps are also entitled for an additional Maxperts consultation. Maxperts are a dedicated team of internet experts to assist Maxis Home Broadband users with their broadband setup. Additional charges may incur if you opt for this consultation. It was stated that a visit to your house by Maxperts will cost you RM188 and they are only available for new Maxis Broadband customers. All prices are subjected to GST tax of 6%.


Maxis Broadband Installation and Cancellation Fees

Below is a list of the installation and cancellation fees for the Maxis broadband packages:

  • Installation fee (Original Price: RM200): Waived until further notice
  • Deposit fees for Malaysian (Original Price: RM75): Waived
  • Deposit fees for non-Malaysians: RM500
  • Early contract termination penalty (under 24 months contract): RM500
  • Relocation (Original Price: RM200): Waived


In addition, if you are not satisfied with the Maxis broadband for whatever reasons, Maxis offers a 30-days money back guarantee for all the packages and you do not need to pay the early contract termination penalty of RM500.


How to subscribe to Maxis Broadband?

There are a few ways for you to subscribe to Maxis Broadband. You can either visit the nearest Maxis center, speak to the Customer Hotline 123 from your Maxis mobile phone, apply online through Maxis’s official website by filling up a form, visit Maxis exclusive partners or visit Maxis Home Services appointed dealers. Before you do any of the following things above, make sure to check if your area has fibre coverage first by calling toll-free line 1800821123 or dialling 123 from your Maxis mobile phone. It is also important to understand the contract period is 24 months.



Maxis Broadband is good for the existing Maxis customers who are already subscribed to the MaxisONE Plan 98,128, 158 and 188 because they will be able to enjoy great savings from RM20 per month on the lowest 10Mbps package up to RM68 per month on the most expensive 100Mbps package. However, for non-MaxisONE Plan 98,128,158 and 188 users, the prices are still a little steep. For internet users that do not require blazing internet speeds and only want to do light browsing and emailing, Maxis is the only broadband service provider that still offers 10MBps speeds while the rest of the competitors has moved ahead and only offer higher speeds. The best selling point for Maxis Broadband packages is that they come with the same download and upload speed, a feature that is hardly seen from other broadband service providers.